Rabbi Rami Shapiro
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October 9th and 10th, 2015

Shades Valley Lutheran Church
720 Shades Creek Pkwy
Birmingham, AL 35209

Please see the map below.


Rabbi Rami's Guide to God / An Exploration of Theological Options

7:00 PM Friday Night:
Why God Matters and Why What You Believe About God Matters Even More

9:00 AM Saturday Morning: 
Image and Likeness / Are You in God's Image, or is God in Yours?

11:00 AM Saturday Morning:
The GoMU (God of My Understanding) Manifesto / Carrying this Conversation into Your Community

About Rabbi Rami Shapiro:

"To me, religions are like languages: no language is true or false; all languages are of human origin; each language reflects and shapes the civilization that speaks it; there are things you can say in one language that you cannot say or say as well in another; and the more languages you learn, the more nuanced your understanding of life becomes. Judaism is my mother tongue, yet in matters of the spirit I strive to be multi-lingual. In the end, however, the deepest language of the soul is silence."

Challenged by Joshu Sasaki Roshi to be a zen rabbi in 1973, ordained as a Reform rabbi in 1981, earned a doctorate in religious studies in 1985, welcomed as a rebbe by Reb Zalman Schachter–Shalomi in 2000, labeled a Holy Rascal by Sister Jose Hobday in 2003, made a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in 2010, and initiated into the Ramakrishna Order of Vedanta Hinduism in 2011, Rabbi Rami is a world renowned lecturer and author, who has been bringing the perennial wisdom of the world’s religions to spiritual seekers of every faith and none for over forty years.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro's website: http://www.rabbirami.com/Rabbi_Rami/Home.html

Rabbi Rami Shapiro's manifesto: http://rabbirami.blogspot.com/2013/01/personal-manifesto.html

Rabbi Rami Shapiro talks about Religion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFonor-LYco

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